This is a sample 7 day meal plan and is intended to guide the reader in the right direction to losing unwanted body fat while helping to build a lean body. In no way shape or form is this a PRESCRIBED DIET and as always please consult with a physician before starting any new diet. That being said, enjoy.

Protein Calculation Desired body weight divided by 6 meals/day.
For example : 165lbs/6 = 27.5 grams of protein PER MEAL/SNACK. So you will have to read packages/cartons to ensure the correct amount.

Day 1-6

6am Breakfast
Egg Omelette + Veggies (My favorites = spinach, tomato, feta or cheddar)
Berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)
9am Snack
Greek yogurt plain
Handful of berries into yogurt
Handful Almonds
12pm lunch
Last Night’s Dinner
1 Fruit (apple, orange, berries)
3pm Snack
¾ cup Cottage cheese
Handful of cut veggies ( celery, carrots etc)
6pm Dinner
Option 1
Chicken w/ steamed veggies (asparagus, broccoli, carrots etc)+ small salad
Note: The simplest way to cook chicken breast is to cut it into edible chunks and cook in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil and your favorite clubhouse seasoning ( Cajun, greek, Italian etc . all available at a grocery store.
Feel free to look online for good recipes.
Option 2
Fish w/ steamed veggies (asparagus, broccoli, carrots etc)+ small salad
Salmon recipe: Lay salmon on tin foil, rub a small amount of mayo or miracle whip on top of salmon, add cut lemon on top, salt and pepper to taste. Close tin foil place in oven 350 degrees for about 45 mins)
Feel free to look online for good recipes.
9pm snack (before bed)
Protein shake
Post Workout = whey protein shake + fruit
Note: after a workout within 30 mins you want to have a whey protein shake with a piece of fruit. I usually add a banana or blueberries to my shake.

Day 7 Cheat Meal

(note it doesn’t have to be actually on Day 7, the point is you get ONE cheat meal each week IF you were good all week. IF NOT, don’t even think about it. Earn your cheat meal.)
Eat as outlined above except for one meal have whatever you want. This is the day I will eat something higher in calories and carbs. Example Pasta, pizza, Something with rice or potato… Now is the time to get it in because the next day we’re back to the game plan.

Trainers Notes:
1)If you notice this is a protein based diet and the carbs come from fruit and vegetables and this is why this meal plan is so powerful. You could switch out any of the protein sources for some of your favorite proteins.
2)What should you drink? Drink lots of water all day, all night. Always. Drink about 2-3 Litres a day. No pop, no juice. NONE.
3) Multi Vitamins– Invest in a good daily multi vitamin. NOT centrum etc, go to Nutrition house and ask. Also Get a liquid fish oil.
3) Make sure when making dinner that you make double for the next days lunch
4) Green tea- I’m not sure if you drink anything with caffeine in it (coffee, tea etc) however green tea in combo with this diet would definitely compliment fat loss. I would recommend it once during the day and maybe once before a workout. However not a necessary thing.
5) ) Tupperware, invest in some good Tupperware for cut fruit (melon, etc) and for left overs. The key to staying on track in this plan is to just PLAN ahead.
6) Currently my favorite supplement company is VEGA and Isoflex.

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