Revival Fitness Mobile Personal Training Vancouver

Revival Fitness is a mobile personal training company dedicated to helping our clients make healthy lifestyle changes. We understand that the decision to change your lifestyle isn’t the easiest thing to do. Life can be hectic, busy, and often times overwhelming. This is why we have created a superior option to the typical gym scenario. We wanted to make personal fitness as easily accessible, convenient, and cost-effective as possible.

Why Mobile Personal Training?

Mobile personal training, simply put, is the delivery of personal fitness routines, nutrition plans, and all the necessary equipment, guidance, and motivation right to your doorstep. Mobile personal training allows you to have a certified personal trainer work with you one-on-one in the comfort of your home, condo or workplace. Saving you money (car/gas expenses, parking meters, gym memberships), time (driving, traffic, parking, waiting for equipment), and hassle (all of the above). Essentially, it is the ultimate personal training experience.

Personal Word From the Owner

Hello and welcome everyone,
My name is Adam Crow founder of Revival Fitness Mobile Personal Training Vancouver. I wanted to take this time to briefly discuss who I am and how Revival Fitness came about.

Since I was as young as I can remember my parents have always taught me that physical activity, proper nutrition, and a well balanced lifestyle can make all the difference in our daily lives (mentally, emotionally, physically). At the time of course it was not intellectualized as such, but rather a set of rules I had to adhere to. I couldn’t leave the house without eating breakfast, lunches were packed full of healthy awful tasting foods, homework was to be done immediately after school, I was enrolled in every sport imaginable, etc etc etc.

At the time I resented my parents, while the other kids were eating yummy junk food at almost every meal there I was choking down an egg salad sandwich with carrot sticks and an apple. And while other kids were playing video games, watching TV, and slugging back chips and pop on the weekends I was at practice (hockey, football, baseball, take your pick). It was very frustrating when most of my friends were sitting back enjoying the high life (well not exactly).

Looking back I realize my parents set the foundation for my future life endeavours. I have always believed in the philosophy that the mind, body and soul are all interconnected. If one is out of whack, then the whole system operates at a lower level. It’s no wonder I ended up with a bachelors degree in Psychology. I always knew I wanted to help people for a living, to give back to people, to share with people how great life could be. Psychology was only the starting the point.

While in university I began working out and personal training my friends and family for nominal rates (if not free). During that time I had developed a real passion for helping people better their lives through exercise and proper nutrition. Thankfully, I was able to combine my passion for helping others with something more hands on, something more physical by becoming a certified personal trainer.

I strongly believe that my sound upbringing, personal interest in human behaviour, and strong commitment to physical fitness has granted me the opportunity to form Revival Fitness. Now, not only do I enjoy my life to the fullest, but I also get to help many others enjoy a life full of energy, passion, and vitality.

Dedicated to helping you reach all of your health and fitness goals,

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