vancouver personal trainerWe’ve all had the experience at least once in our gym careers where we hit a plateau with our workouts and the results nor the motivation seem to be there anymore. You feel tired, weak, bored and you can feel it coming on: your about to abandon ship. All that hard work is about to slowly fade away and back you go to being a tired, bored, weak version of yourself. The self you know so well, the slug. Alright, enough already, I am here to tell you that when these feelings come on that its natural. Your body is telling you it’s time for a change. So ditch the stale routine and pay attention.

Great Workouts Include :

1 Pre-workout Meal + Hydration

Always ensure you eat a sufficient meal that includes the proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. A sample meal I eat before a workout includes an egg omelette with mixed veggies, a cup of blueberries, and 2-3 cups of water. On intense workout days I make sure I have more carbs and a carbohydrate/electrolyte drink. I eat 30 minutes before a workout so that the food has time to digest because there is nothing worse than getting cramps in your stomach when you’re having a great workout.

2 New Tunes

Chances are if your workouts aren’t doing it for you anymore then you should look no further then the music in your iPod. If you haven’t updated your iPod in awhile with some new music that gets your energized now is the time to so. It could be as simple as this and your back on track.

3 New Routine

If you do the exact same workout(s) and in the same sequence each time you go to the gym it’s no wonder you’re bored and your workouts are stale and flat. It’s about damn time you get a new routine. Every month I change my workouts up whether it is a brand new routine altogether or changing my rest periods from a minute to 45 seconds. Change something. Force your body to work harder every time you hit the gym. Make sure you push yourself past where the mind tells you to stop, let your body tell you when it’s fatigued.

4 Personal Training

Last but not least, in fact this should probably be number 1 but for Pete’s sake hire a personal trainer and learn from them all that you can during your time with them. God knows your paying dearly for them. Your paying the big bucks for their wealth of knowledge and any good personal trainer will be able to narrow down exactly where you need help and how to maximize your results. You wouldn’t try to do your own dentistry work, you trust a professional to do so, and personal training is no different.

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