Can Physical Activity Really Improve Your Mental Health?

exercise makes you happy

In addition to improving your physical health, exercise can relieve stress, improve your mood and gives you a break from your everyday worries. Exercise has been proven to be a powerful mood enhancer and continuously lives up to all its hype.

Studies show that physical activity can help boost your mood, alleviate anxiety and even reduce symptoms of depression. Here’s how exercise can help improve your mental health:

• The release of endorphins helps you feel more relaxed and up-lifted
• Exercise is a positive distraction from worries and anxieties.
• Mental clarity to solve problems and engage in creativity while you sweat.
• Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence as you control your weight
• Improves the quality of your sleep leaving you feeling energized in the AM.

7 exercise tips to boost your mood

physical activity improves mental health
To reap the powerful beneficial effects of exercise, follow these tips:

1. Engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day.
2. Exercise at least five days a week.
3. Do something fun and enjoyable so you are motivated to keep exercising.
4. Ensure you include some moderate to intense aerobic activity to release some endorphins.
5. Exercise with a partner to inspire one another.
6. Try new things routinely to see what works best for you.
7. Track your workouts both for progress and to assess your mood before and after exercise.

21 Day Challenge

It is a well documented fact that it takes 21 days for any activity to become a routine habit. I challenge you to follow these 7 steps for the next 21 days and let us know how you’re doing by commenting on this blog and joining our Facebook page.

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